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Why Being A Frenchie Owner Is The BEST

Like many others during the pandemic, I welcomed a fur baby, Delilah, into my family. I had always wanted a dog but never wanted to leave a pup home all day while going to work. When OLA transitioned to fully WFH I was finally able to get the pup I always wanted. What makes this story so special is that I truly believe I manifested Delilah – I had been wanting a French bulldog for years (ask my husband or any of my friends and they’ll tell you I was obsessed) – and would always put feelers out in shelters and put it out into the universe. They are a highly coveted dog and finding one to adopt instead of purchasing is no easy feat.

Then, one day it happened! Delilah’s original owner could no longer take care of her as they had another dog in the house and the two just weren’t getting along. She was looking for a safe and close home so she could still stay in Delilah’s life – enter me. We quickly set a date to meet and Delilah was mine – it all happened so fast and coming on a year of having her, I couldn’t picture my life without her.

Below I’ve listed my top five favorite things about Delilah and frenchies in general:

1. Her Cuddles

Delilah LOVES to cuddle and always be touching her humans. She strives to find a crevice to fit into and always fits perfectly entwined with me when laying on the couch or bed. When not cuddling me, she loves to burrow underneath the covers and it’s the funniest/cutest thing watching her create her own little bed from the blankets.


If you’re a dog owner, you know what I’m talking about. Nothing is better than coming home from a day out and seeing your dog get super excited and run like a maniac around the house. Delilah goes so fast, sprinting around the couch several times and then running and jumping all over me.

3. Alpha Attitude

Delilah may be small (especially for her breed who are typically on the heavier side) but she has a big alpha attitude. She prefers to play with bigger dogs and will try and take on (playfully) dogs 4 times her size. She looks JACKED and on walks we’re always being asked what her work out routine is and what are we feeding her. While also being an alpha, Delilah is super intuitive to our moods – she always seems to mirror our energy, understanding when it’s time to be excited and play or chill and relax.

4. Police Paw-trol

In correlation with her alpha attitude, Delilah LOVES to pawtrol the house – when we’re on the deck she’s heavily guarding us from the outside, and loves to sit at any window to scope out the passerby’s. If she sees a squirrel or cat on a walk, she will ALWAYS double check that spot to make sure no one is getting in her way.

5. Purpose

Having Delilah has filled me with a joy and purpose I have never experienced. I love being her caretaker and making sure she is safe and lives a happy life. I love how she’s become a part of my morning routine, taking a nice walk first thing every morning.

I could go on and on but figured I’d stop myself at five reasons. Having her has really been such a joy and we can’t wait to take her on all of life’s adventures. If you’re thinking about getting a Frenchie or any dog, go for it! We have no regrets and hope to get her a brother/sister in the near future.


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