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Top 10 Amazon Must-Haves For ANY EVENT From Corporate Event Planners

When it comes to event planning, we know a thing or two. After executing hundreds of corporate events from fun tailgates, to exciting awards dinners and unique golf outings - we have mastered a list of must-haves that make perfecting an event a lot easier. From planning materials, to special touches and our to go-to staple decor pieces here are our Top 10 Amazon Must-Haves in no particular order. If you're planning an event of any size, shape or theme be sure to check these out... click any title to see the item on amazon!

We absolutely love these letters to spice up a check-in table, dessert table, awards table, etc! You can use them to spell out a company name, guest of honor, year or anything else that tickles your fancy. They make for a great photo-op and photograph excellent in the dark, we especially love them for outdoor parties paired with market lights. This really adds a special touch to every event and looks expensive (without breaking the bank!) We also save all of the letters and reuse them frequently, making it a one-time investment. Just swap out the batteries and they're good to go at your next event.

We make sure to bring a hand-full of these fitted table covers to ANY event we have, even if a vendor is providing tablecloths. They're great to have as a back up for unfortunate spills (red wine on a white cloth? not very appealing or professional,) rips or mishaps.

We love the black, since they hide stains and go with nearly every color palette. But there's 30+ COLORS, meaning there's probably one that matches your brand colors or event theme! They're machine washable and we've used them 10+ times each - great to have in the trunk of your car or in your luggage if you're ever in a pinch.

When it comes to looking professional, wrinkles shouldn't be part of the equation. We used this portable steamer for our table clothes, table runners, our branded banner and custom step & repeats!

Nothing ruins a photo more than unsightly wrinkles, if you want your party to look perfect - you need this! It's a portable size that makes it easy to pack, carry and use on the go and in a pinch.

Create eye-catching displays and custom signage at any event. We pair these with our light-up marquee letter for a really custom branded display. We frequently draw the customer's logo for a WELCOME sign or a CHECK-IN HERE sign, it makes for a real personal touch. We've also seen them used to list out bar menus, event schedules, "no phone" or "unplugged ceremony" signs and more. The possibilities are endless, as long as you can write/draw a little something!

Some events are rain or shine, and it's better to be prepared when the weather forecast looks iffy. We mainly use these when setting up events, since we're a big fan of large tents that keep our guests dry. As event coordinators, we don't always get the luxury of staying dry and have to get our hands dirty and hair wet. To counteract that and keep us somewhat dry, we always have some of these emergency ponchos at the ready. We share with our vendors and even offer them to guests if need be! They're a big hit at NFL football tailgates, because guests are there for fun and food, not for fashion.

Accidents happen, new shoes hurt and sometimes you get a paper cut! We always have a first aid kit with us, for when you need a little TLC. This won't cover you for some big injuries, but can help with scrapes, cuts, bumps and bruises in no-time. Honestly, we use it the most when our new shoes mess up the back of our heels! You never know when you might need a bandaid or Benadryl and it's better to be prepared.

Nothing is worse than a dead phone or tablet on an event day. Prevent going off the grid during an event with this multiple device charing station. With the (5) ports and (8) swappable cables, this can fit nearly every phone, tablet or other chargeable electronic! We love have one for the staff in the back and a separate one for guest use. Nothing is worse than partying at a corporate tailgate prior to a concert and having no phone to take photos or videos with inside. Save your guests the headache of being tethered to an outlet on the ground with a dedicating charging spot.

These have come in handy more times than we'd like to admit. From holding down signage, to securing a bar in the wind. The multiple sizes make sure you have one to fit every need, and are especially great when it's time to pack things up after the event is over. No need to have all your center pieces rolling around the back of your van, when you can bungee cord them together and hold them down. Especially useful in outdoor, windy event situations - but we've used them more frequently than not and feel better having these in our event planner tool kit.

Stream anything from your phone or iPad on the big screen! We use this to stream videos, football games and more at our events. We've tried cheaper off-brand versions, but never have had as much luck as the OG official Apple product. This is great to get a pre-recorded message onto the screen or to stream a live-event for a watch party. Remember that you won't be able to use your phone or iPad while streaming from it, so we always have an "Event iPad" at the ready so we don't have to sacrifice our own device during the party.

Sometimes you can never have enough garbage cans. These pop-up, disposable garbage

cans are perfect for any outdoor event. They are sturdy, come in multiple colors and are a great alternative to bulky, dirty and unsightly large garbage cans. We sprinkle them around the event to eliminate the waste left on tables and thrown on the ground. Walt Disney did a study and found that guests only walk 30 steps with trash before disposing on the ground or leaving elsewhere - so we try to make magic like he does and minimize unsightly trash at our events!

So there you have it! Those are our Top 10 Must-Haves for any Event Planner. We find these products either prevent event disasters, fix problems on the fly or enhance the look and feel of an event. From corporate party planning to backyard birthdays, we think everyone who is throwing a party could benefit form looking into these items. We keep them in our event tool kit and purchase them time and time again for one reason - they WORK!


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