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Top Three Event Trends Leading Into 2021

2020 shook the event and hospitality industry to its core. But out of the ashes arose new technology, safer practices and even better event trends. Here are what we think the top three event trends leading into 2021 are!

Facial Recognition Check-In

As if something straight out of a Star Trek movie, facial recognition technology is becoming more prevalent at today's events. We can all expect these automatic kiosk systems to be part of our "new normal." Facial recognition kiosks are not only a modern way to track attendance, but more importantly, they provide thermal temperature scans at entry points. The kiosks eliminate unnecessary close contact exposures and reduce labor costs. The technology can also detect when guests are not wearing face masks before entering your event!

Health Conscious Catering

Now more than ever, people are focused on their health and well-being. Get ahead of the curve by paying close attention to your menu selections. Bacon-wrapped everything is so 2019! Instead, focus on having at least one or two items that are inclusive of different dietary restrictions. Ask yourself: Is there a vegan/vegetarian and a gluten-free option? There are so many great menu options beyond a crudité board!

Domestic Incentive Trips

According to a recent survey, over two-thirds of planners intend to hold incentive trips in 2021. Though many Americans are eager to resume traveling, many guests will still err on

the side of caution. There will be a rise in local "stay-cations" where guests can travel within the safety of their own cars and avoid public transportation.

Hosting local, small events keeps your guests safe and breathes life back into local businesses that suffered in 2020.

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