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Trying A Trade Show

At the start of every year, we put some ideas on the vision board and try to bring them to reality. Last year, we said we were going to sponsor a trade show to get the word out about

our company.

Instead of choosing a conventional events expo, we decided to think outside the box and target a unique market segment where we could be one of the few events companies in attendance. Being that Manhattan is the backdrop of the office, we landed on Tech Day NY at the Javitz Center.

Our concept for drawing attention was inspired very much by Mr. Beast. We knew we needed motion to draw people’s attention and stand out from the crowd so we came up with a concept of a revolving luggage suitcase to tie into our travel expertise. Then we needed to give attendees the opportunity to win and submit their information. So we created custom lottery scratch cards and came up with a few level of prizes – discounts on future bookings, webcam blockers and the suitcase full of money and OLA swag.

During the trade show, we had the opportunity to meet a variety of people and companies, some of which left a lasting impression on us. Some of my favorite companies were:

WeWork – They are back and ready to go again

Klerk – Corporate booking platform for discount travel

Tangible Interaction – Innovative graffiti wall for events

Homebody – Home fitness platform for instructors

And speaking of Homebody, Nicole Kamback was our grand-prize winner of the money suitcase. Watching her win and carry away the cash was an unforgettable moment.

Participating in Tech Day NY was a very positive experience that allowed us to meet new people, listen to fresh ideas and experiences, and discover new opportunities. Thanks for hosting us TechDay and hope to see everyone again out on the trade show floor.


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