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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Nashville

Take it from someone who lives here and never wants to move! Here are top 10 reasons I tell everyone considering visiting Nashville! It's unlike anywhere else in the US.

1. Live Music – No matter what day it is you won’t have trouble finding a band to sit back, relax and listen to! There are too many music venues to count, and each Broadway bar has a different band on each floor. The bar on Broadway has three floors? Yep, you’ll find three bands!

2. Pure Happiness – Have you ever met someone who had a bad time in Nashville? Yeah, me neither.

3. Food – Chefs from all over the world are putting down roots here. From the French cuisine of Once Upon a Time in France, to the spices of Hattie B’s hot chicken, your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

4. Rooftop Views – Yes, you can get these in many cities, but rooftops are the new norm here. You can get a city view from all parts of town and experience every different angle of the Batman building. You won’t find a new spot in town being built without one!

5. Shopping – Not only does Nashville have celebrity bars, but it also has a plethora of celebrity shops. Take a walk through 12South or the Gulch and you’ll find stores by Jesse James Decker, Reese Witherspoon, & Kristin Cavallari just to name a few.

6. Fitness – Nashville is known for food, drink and music, but for the fitness junkies out there, we have a lot to offer. You can pop into a number of different classes from bootcamps to hot yoga, barre, cycling, etc. You name it, we got it.

7. Surrounding Areas – There’s so much more to Nashville than infamous Broadway! Take a day to explore the surrounding areas such as downtown Franklin, Arrington Vineyards or Cummins Falls State Park and see what else we have to offer.

8. Sports – Baseball, hockey, football, soccer. We aren’t lacking in the sports department, and you can find a sporting event taking place almost year-round!

9. Photos – Make it Instagram worthy & they will come! You’ll be standing in line for more than a moment, but we aren’t lacking wall murals and balloon displays. Your social media will be on fire!

10. The People – It’s rare to find a unicorn (someone originally from Nashville) in the city so everyone is in the same boat. You’re either visiting from, or moved here from out of town. Everyone has at one point, or another, been “the new guy in town” so we’re all very welcoming and friendly!


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