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Are you ready for some football? With the NFL schedules now released for the 2021 season, we sure are. Without further ado, here are 10 NFL games (in chronological order) you are going to want to see this year, whether it’s in-person, or from the comfort of your couch….

1. Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Week 1, NFL Season Opener, Thursday 9/9/21 We’re back! The defending champions Buccaneers will kickoff the NFL season, and see a sold out football stadium for the first time in almost 2 years. Plus if the tryptophan has you too tired to stay awake for the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving, you’re going to want to see America’s team (love them or hate them) and their now healthy offense at least once this year. 2. Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs — Week 1, Sunday 9/9/21 How quickly we forget the Browns were a fumble stretching for the pylon and/or a Chad Henne 3rd & 14 scramble away from the Browns, and not the Chiefs advancing to the AFC Championship Game. Here is a playoff rematch and we’ll see if the Chiefs have a Super Bowl hangover, against what promises to be a reloaded and Super Bowl hopeful Browns team, yes, I said it. 3. New York Giants at Washington Redskins — Week 2, Thursday Night Football, 9/16/21 At first, you may glance over this one. But the Giants will have a healthy Saquon, added top WR Kenny Golladay in free agency and followed-up with WR Kadarius Toney as their 1st round draft pick. WFT should feature one of the best defenses in the league, with added offensive weapons, and now Fitzmagic under center. This should set the tone for the NFC East, and if we can’t figure it out Week 3, these 2 meet again the last week of the season, Week 18, in NY. 4. Jacksonville Jaguars at Cincinnati Bengals — Week 4, Thursday Night Football, 9/30/21 The past 2 year’s #1 picks of the NFL Draft, Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence square off here, in what we can only hope is as exciting as their College Football National Championship Game. Get a first glimpse of the future of the NFL, plus if the Jaguars London 6am PST is too early for you, this will be the only time Trevor Lawrence is on the national stage. 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots — Week 4, Sunday Night Football, 10/3/21 Tom Brady and the Super Bowl Champs return to Foxborough to face long-time head coach Bill Belichick in their first ever head-to-head matchup. What more is there to say? Get your popcorn ready. 6. Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Rams — Week 7, Sunday, 10/24/21 One of the blockbuster trades of the off-season, quarterbacks Matt Stafford and Jared Goff were traded for each other, and now they face-off again each other. Sean McVay and the Rams are looking to have a bounce-back season and are home here, but for Jared Goff, is revenge a dish best served cold? 7. Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs — Week 9, Sunday, 11/7/21

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur elected to kick a FG instead of letting Aaron Rodgers go for the win in the NFC Championship game last year, or this may have been the Super Bowl match-up. Barring Rodgers getting traded, we’ll finally get to see him vs Patrick Maholmes — the scoreboard operator is going to need extra coffee to keep up. 8. Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers — Week 9, Sunday, 11/7/21 Following a Super Bowl hangover, the 49ers look to bounce back in 2021, but by Week 9, we’ll see if it’s Jimmy G leading the charge, or Trey Lance whom they traded up for. The Arizona Cardinals will have something to say about that, lead by Kylie Murray and a reloaded roster themselves, while boasting new teammates as JJ Watt rejoins DeAndre Hopkins, and AJ Green joins the receiving corps as well, as this should be a fun battle for NFC West standings. 9. Buffalo Bills at Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Week 14, Sunday, 12/12/21 The Bills are all too familiar with facing Tom Brady over the past 20+ years, but this is the first time they’ll see him in Orange, while also bringing their most talent team with Josh Allen at the helm to face him in the past 20 years as well. One of the best in the AFC versus one of the best in the NFC as we get into late season playoff seeding. 10. Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens — Week 18, Sunday, 1/9/22 You read that correct, for the first time ever in a now 17-game schedule, the NFL sees a Week 18 regular season, which will actually take place in mid-January 2022. These two foes notoriously see a very intense game when they square-off, and those hard hits are going to sting in the middle of winter, with the AFC North Division potentially hanging in the balance. And perhaps the last time we see Big Ben vs Lamar Jackson?

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