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10 Awesome Premiums I Would Do Again, or Want To Do Next

My top 5 favorite premiums we’ve created for brands of all time, and my top 5 biggest wish list premiums.

We’ve created a LOT of really cool things since I’ve been with One Line, and some of them are too specific and unique to make this particular list (don’t worry, I’ll write another list). For now, enjoy my personal favorites that were all big hits with the market and came out looking the best. To help me narrow down the list, I chose only items that we made for multiple market/mass distribution (so not a custom fulfillment for just a handful of folks.)


#5: Guitar shaped fans

We’ve made fans before, but often the stick is kind of just a necessary piece that we essentially ask folks to ignore. The guitar shape makes the whole product work, and I love that.

#4: Bamboo cutting boards

Every rendition of these boards are just beautiful. Plus, as a cook myself, I really love that they aren’t going to tear up your favorite knives. Big winner.

#3: Wine bottles

A custom wine bottle is such a statement. While in my wildest dreams we can also choose exactly what wine is inside and I get asked to visit the winery to taste test the perfect one and I meet the price and we fall in love and sit in our castle above the rolling vineyards… the currently available engraved or custom label wrap options (usually with a standard cabernet sauvignon) are still a good second.

#2: Power banks

Maybe it’s because I work in events and my cell phone is as crucial to my job as my lungs, or maybe it’s because I’m a human in 2022 and always using up all the juice watching TikToks… either way. These rock, and are always appreciated.

#1 Have Done Item: Color changing straws

I mean COME ON. These are SO COOL. Hands down my favorite product ever, even though they are plastic (I love turtles; I promise I reuse them!) I fought hard to get these in front of the client and approved. Honestly, not everyone was as jazzed as I was about creating these. Once we had them on site and popping into beverages, the mood changed (see what I did there?). The option to have several color options made these so fun to hand out as folks quickly wanted to sip up something delicious and reveal what they had randomly chosen – blue, pink, purple or green?!

Now, I spend a lot of time looking at premium options. Honestly, it’s kind of soothing. I love a land of possibilities and these lists are kind of like Pinterest for marketing. Along the way I’ve saved many a rad item that just haven’t fit any brand/event/need just yet. Still, I’m keeping them on my list and now sharing them with you!


#5: Key finder

Okay, I lose things all the time. I consider myself an organized person, but sometimes things just grow legs and wander off. When my Apple Watch could ping my iPhone, my whole life changed for the better. I instantly knew I needed more key finder items in my life, and I would love to create these as giveaways purely out of the graciousness and understanding of losing things in my heart.

#4: More color changing straws

Or color changing cups, or spoons, or mugs, or stress balls… I love things that change color. Maybe it’s from all those Del Sol nail polishes I had growing up. Actually, add that to the list: color changing nail polish.

#3: Embroidered patches

This has always been a little too niche for our events, but I love the way they feel to hold. If we ever have a client that specializes in making bags or hats… we’re going this route all the way if I have anything to say about it.

#2: Clear glass coffee mugs

My uncle once told me his favorite drink vessels allow him to see what’s inside; he swears it makes it taste better. I have to admit, I think he’s right. Unfortunately these (being glass) are a little difficult to take on a mobile tour, for example, and spread as joy throughout the country because of the whole "very fragile thing." Someday, maybe.

#1 Wish List Item: Custom card deck

I have seen companies do these as employee gifts before where all of the face cards are their voted superlatives of the year (Most Likely To Be Late on the Queen, for example), and I’ve seen companies put fun facts on each of the number cards. Either way I think these are such a unique way to connect with your audience, and a practical item that can really be used.


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