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2022 Luminaria Submissions Are Open - A Labor of Love Pt. 3

We recommend reading Part 1 and Read Part 2 of this series.

Nothing was more exciting than seeing Electric Forest announce they would be coming back in 2022 to celebrate the festivals 10 year anniversary. The forest family has been waiting for this since 2020 when it was cancelled because of Covid. 2021 rolled around and fans were craving the forest magic more than ever, but COVID had other plans. Finally the universe has heard us. It’s all happening! If you’ve followed my forest story, you’ll know that I’m not only a loyal patron, but co-creator of the luminaria project, an art installation that found its home at the forest in 2015. Our team cannot wait to hop on our first 2022 planning call and are already brainstorming ways to go bigger and better for the ten year shabang.

The portal to submit a luminaria name is LIVE and I encourage anyone reading to submit, whether you’re attending the festival or not. It’s a good way to reflect and get a little more in tune with your feelings. We at the luminaria team personally love reading all the stories and getting a glimpse into the lives of our forest family. Portal link - We’ll also be honoring all submissions from 2020 which will be super special for those who submitted back then, before the world would forever change. Lastly I will leave you with this video, “A Million Shining Lights - 10 Years Of Electric Forest.” This came out recently to honor the forest’s roots and commemorate the upcoming 10 year anniversary. It is a truly beautiful visualization of the forest and how magic is found in every inch of it. I encourage everyone to watch, even if you’ve never been, to learn and embrace the vibe that is electric forest.

Peep the luminaria heart center at minute 13! See you in the forest!


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