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President Of The World

In December, Neil Young was a guest on the Howard Stern Show. In one of their discussions behind the meaning of his new song ‘Lookin' for a Leader 2020’, Neil proclaimed something to the effect of ‘we don’t need a President of the United States, but rather a President Of The World.’ That really resonated with me.

After watching what is going on in Russia and Ukraine with all that devastation, I truly believe that we DO need a President Of The World to lead a path for all of humanity. The examples set by that leader would HAVE TO resonate across all cultures, races, genders, orientations and backgrounds to eradicate the archaic way we have become separated from each other as humans across continents, in communities, towns and homes alike.

This President Of The World would first have to try to eradicate misguided ANGER. That would be the first step. Whether that be with mindful mediation or yoga or some form of positive energy release, we need to expunge all that ANGER from people across the globe.

The weird thing about ANGER is that it if people took a moment to really sit with it, they would likely discover they aren’t angry at the thing they are taking it out on. You remember the time you screamed at the person who cut you off on the highway or at your kid when they were overly needy? It isn’t about them. It is about us! The job we hate doing or the life circumstances that we find ourselves in.

For all those school board meetings that end in shouting fights about mask mandates. It isn’t really about the masks people are screaming about. The mask is just an avenue for all that ANGER and frustration to manifest.

I know it may sound Pollyanna to say Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? But honestly, Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? As I write this, people are getting their lives ruined in Ukraine for disputes over imaginary lines set by people hundreds of years ago - who mind you no one on this Earth has never met before. If we lived forever, I would understand a little more, but we don’t. And if we keep up this pace, we will destroy the entire planet just to say an imaginary line belongs on our side instead of yours.

That is why we need a President Of The World. Someone who talks the talks and walks the walk. Someone who isn’t getting kickbacks behind-the-scenes while publicly fighting against corporate greed. Not someone who is fighting for women’s rights, all while being a #metoo predator behind closed doors.

We need a real leader to show people how to deal with ANGER and GET ALONG. So let’s nominate a President Of The World to get things started in a better direction. Life would be so much better if we didn’t fight all the time.

Who would you nominate if you could?


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