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A Labor of Love - An Electric Forest Installation Pt. 2

HOLD UP! Did you read PART ONE OF LABOR OF LOVE? Click here to read it before starting part 2!

Upon arrival to the festival our second year doing the Luminaria Project, our team was surprised with an actual structure dubbed the Heart Center that stays up year-round. We were so excited to see it in person and couldn’t believe that just the year before we were a pop up canopy. We could now have the luminaria bags shining around in one sacred space. Or so we thought.

The Heart Center was just not big enough for the demand. Year three of Luminaria provided shelves lining the forest fencing so our bags were not only combined inside the structure, but all over and on the outside too. Insomniac, one of the world’s largest event producers, even named us the second coolest thing found in the Forest that year!

While we keep the daytime for crafting bags and communicating with the attendees, when the sun goes down is when the Heart Center is truly a sight to see. It transforms from a creative arts and craft sector into a place for the spirits to come alive. The spiritual energy felt upon walking inside the Heart Center cannot be matched.

We’ve now completed five successful years doing the Luminaria Project and know it is something we will do for the rest of our lives. While COVID has had us miss out in 2020 and now 2021, we can’t wait to step up the game in 2022 and bring fresh new ideas and life to the Heart Center. I know wherever I am next June – I’ll be trekking down to Michigan for this labor of love.


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