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To Be Or Not To Be Vaccinated… Is That Even A QUESTION?

I love helping people and I don’t think I have a fundamental right to tell people what to do. However, I do feel a responsibility to call out hypocrisy when I see it.

Look, if you are a complete purist and analyze everything you put into your body – labels and all – then I understand your worries about taking a vaccine that you are uncomfortable with. I cannot fight that battle with you.

However, if you have ever drank way too much alcohol one night, done drugs, eaten a fast food burger, smoked a cigarette, taken painkillers or anything else that could fundamentally harm your body and still don’t want to take the vaccine, then I have a bone to pick with you.

Let’s spotlight alcohol. Have you ever drank so much where you woke up sick and hungover the next day? Did you worry about what was in those drinks and how those were made? How they would affect your body? Exactly! Same thing with the vaccine.

My feeling is that if you are not getting the shot because you are worried about feeling sluggish, sick or tired the next day(s), yet do any of the above, you need to get the shot. It is the quickest way back to normal or whatever your version of normal is.

I got both shots and felt tired the next day and that was it. Now I am protected, and not only that, I am doing my civic duty to protect others and get rid of this horrible virus.

Just look at what is going on in India right now. They have millions of people in need of the vaccine and we are debating it in our country. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to have an opportunity.

There are so many alternative facts out there and my worry is that people are being manipulated. But if they look at their own behavior, hopefully that will guide them into doing the right thing for the good of all Americans and humanity.


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