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This World Needs More Keanu Reeves

On Halloween night, after a very long day of trick-or-treating with the kids, we clicked on the movie stations and the Devil’s Advocate with Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino and Charlize Theron was on TV. I remember seeing that movie in college when it first came out and my mind was blown by it. Just so good on so many levels. Plus Craig T. Nelson from Coach as a bad guy? Come on!

The movie reminded me about always seeing things on LinkedIn about the kindness of Keanu Reeves. The top things I have seen involve a private foundation that funds children’s cancer charities to him standing up for equal pay to not hugging females who ask for a picture with him because it may make them feel uncomfortable to awesome wrap gifts for his stunt doubles. The list is endless.

See some examples of what I'm taking about below....

Keanu respecting female fans’ space...

Keanu gifted cool engraved Rolex Submarine watches (over $10k each) to the group of stuntmen who worked with him on John Wick 4 as a token of his appreciation.

I have no clue how many of these things are true or not (thanks a lot disinformation found on the internet), but just say 2-3 of these things are accurate? Wow. What an awesome guy in Hollywood. Which got me thinking, if someone who has lived the life of Keanu Reeves can still be this grounded and humble, does he have a responsibility to come out and promote it more?

We have so many LOUD bigmouths with large social platforms out there who offer nothing but negativity. People seem to flock to them because it is LOUD and perhaps FUN to listen to. But someone like Keanu just does his good deeds on the DL and says nothing about them, only to be circulated in whispers and as unconfirmed stories on social media sites.

Which is why I would love it for people like him to stand up and be just as loud as the people spreading divisiveness. If he promotes the Matrix 4, released on December 22nd, I want to hear about all these wonderful things he does – not on the internet, but from him.

"In this scene, me and Trinity do this, but did you know you could reduce your carbon footprint like I am doing? Here are two simple steps."

The loudest people in the room are not the smartest ones. I want to hear more from people like Keanu who can be a great example for today’s youth (and middle-aged Johnny Utah fans). We don’t have to be a-holes when we get successful.

Let’s learn from Keanu…even if some of these things are not true, even if one is, we should applaud and emulate what he is doing.


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