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The Times They Aren’t A-Changin'

With the new reboot of the Wonder Years coming out, it got me thinking about the timeframe of the original version of the show (set in the 1960s) and how that would compare to the Kevin Arnold of today.

I always remember how Kevin’s dad Jack was so crotchety and complained how the times were changing – usually for the worse. It very much reminds me of the all the talking heads on the news and in the comments section of Facebook who consistently say we are in the worst of times.

You know, those people who walk around and say (or type) – “crazy times!” “It has never been this crazy.” “I remember when (insert the blank).”

But maybe the times we live in are always that crazy. It is just that technological advances have expedited the ability to consume all the world’s events at a much faster pace.

For instance, back when we were in WW1 and WW2, everyone must have sat around a kitchen table saying how crazy the times were. How about when JFK or Reagan got shot? I couldn’t imagine people not saying “crazy times we are living in.” 9/11 – “people have gone crazy.”

Which brings me to the ultimate cliffhanger – the planet. Yes, times have always been crazy, but the main difference as we go forward is the planet wasn’t stretched to its limits. Emissions, waste, plastics, fossil fuels, etc. These things, if not corrected, will eventually make the Earth uninhabitable for the human race.

Think about why all these billionaires are obsessed with space. They know the deal. If everyone would wake up and realize that we are going to be like the dinosaurs if we don’t change our ways. Weather events are no longer events. It is the new normal.

In closing, I believe the times have always been crazy. That is what happens when you have forward momentum. The past is glorified and we make a bigger deal of the present which is possible due to ongoing advances in technology. However, if we look ahead instead of backwards, we will see that the only hope for humanity is to get our act together and work as a global entity to heal the planet.

Much like Paul Pfeiffer, I hope the best years are ahead!


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