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My Lyricist Journey

I’ve never considered myself to be a poet. Aside from a limerick or two, I have strictly avoided that genre at all costs! However, during the pandemic, I found myself writing song lyrics.

A number of the lyrics morphed into actual songs with my musical cohort and collaborator, Michael Lereah. We were certainly quite surprised to see some of these published on many streaming services. A far cry from playing air guitar! Check out some of our lyrical work turned into lovely songs on the Spotify playlist here or down below!

Or give a quick listen to my personal favorite song, Lie To Me.

Eventually, I realized that some of these lyrics seemed to present themselves, much to my disbelief as...poetry. These poems reflect my own personal reflections on life and how I view it.

The poem below, titled Pennies & Dimes, embodies the fact that 10 great friends is better than 100 surface level acquaintances. When it comes to friendships, I always believe it is quality over quantity. 10 true friends (or maybe even a couple less) you can really count on and be yourself with is better than 25 people who are only friends when it is convenient or beneficial to them. Throughout the years, I've learned that good friends are sometimes hard to come by, so when you find them you better hold on tight and nurture that friendship.

Pennies & Dimes

I’d rather have 10 dimes than 100 pennies

Because those dimes will be as good as many

It’s just like your true friends

That will be there to the end

10 good dimes will outshine 100 pennies

I’d rather have 10 dimes than just pretenders

Saying things they don’t seem to remember

They say they really care

But will they all be there?

I’d rather have 10 dimes than 100 pennies

If you can count true friends on both your fingers

Who’ll always be there when your problems linger

Don’t need those 100 pennies and give me those 10 dimes

They will be there for you until the end of time

I’d rather have 10 dimes than 100 pennies

I know you won’t regret

If you don’t forget

Just hold on to those ten dimes

Until the end of time

Just hold on to those very precious dimes

I've found great fulfillment in expressing myself through both lyrics and poetry and will continue to express myself via this avenue when inspiration strikes. What's your favorite lyric or poem?


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