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My Favorite NFL Talent Appearance

Thinking back, we’ve worked with some really awesome talent. So many awesome former players and coaches in fact, that it made it very difficult to pick my favorite. One of my favorite guys from the field was Phil Simms, he didn’t mind taking some digs at various players which pleasantly surprised me. I really enjoyed Arian Foster as well - he’s a real renaissance man. Also loved Willie Gault, as he was so GQ. Sean O’hara and I discussed our graying beards and how mascara was a good way to hide it, so that was an awesome tip. Who would expect a former NFL player to have a mascara related tip? Not me.

But after much thought and consideration - my all-time favorite talent we've ever worked with is former San Diego Chargers Fullback, Lorenzo Neal. He was so funny, we talked for over an hour after his appearance ended and it felt like we were old friends reconnecting. He’s also my height so it made talking to him that much easier, we really did see eye-to-eye. Just look at his bucket hat, I don't think I could ever pull that off so effortlessly. We sat together at the Chargers game after our corporate tailgating event, which made the game experience one to remember. Hearing his take on plays, coaches and players made for a unique view from the stands.

What is your dream NFL player appearance? Let us know below! Maybe we can make it happen at our next corporate tailgate!


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