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Commentary On Cancel Culture

At the time of this writing, there is now a debate if “cancel culture” should actually be called “cancel culture” or framed as “social accountability”. Just searching the internet, here is a list of people/things that have been supposedly “canceled” - Dr. Seuss, Chris Harrison, Ellen DeGeneres, JK Rowling, Armie Hammer, Hilaria Baldwin, Gina Carano, Lea Michele, Jimmy Fallon and many more.

In no way do I defend what any of these people did or did not do, but I do take issue with the culture as a whole. Let me digress….

When I was growing up, there were people along the way who bullied me on occasion. Nothing crazy. Just overly aggressive behavior to make me feel bad. In today’s world, those people would be ostracized and totally wiped off the face of the Earth because they were a-holes back then. But I must say, that growing up and seeing what those bullies became of themselves is the best revenge. I don’t need them to be cancelled. I just enjoy people catching on and then karma doing the rest.

So I guess my plea to everyone is Yes, call out an a-hole for being an a-hole, but why push them off into a corner never to be seen again. We need to see them suffer the consequences in a public nature because it may deter other people from following that path instead of not seeing it at all.

And to anyone from my past who I potentially put down along the way, I do apologize. Just pre-adult insecurity at play. Don’t cancel me for it!


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