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Please Steal My Ideas - Part One

I always related to Owen Wilson In Wedding Crashers when he said “I’m an idea man. I thrive on enthusiasm.”

Therefore over the years, I have, on occasion, created (unsolicited) BIG IDEAS for a handful of companies that I was passionate about. While most have NOT succeeded, some people at select companies have engaged and listened. We even got a client out of one of these ideas for something totally different than what we pitched, but that is okay too!

Ideas really excite me. SO I wanted to share some of these BIG IDEAS with the hope that someone does steal them and brings them to fruition far better than I ever could.


A LIVE virtual game show where the Cameos are the questions. Your phone is the buzzer and you get points as you go with a live host, leaderboard and prizes on the line. The questions can even cater to the interests of the live audience (80s/90s/Sports/Reality).

Some Sample Videos Below from stars like Jodi Sweetin, Gilbert Gottfried and more...


In the metaverse, a digital landscape where football fans can create an avatar and virtually tailgate. You would select your market/team and join a server at the virtual stadium parking lot of your choice.

Then you would be able to interact and play games (virtual corn hole/catch) with your virtual friends and other tailgaters. There could be an audio function and/or chat to allow interaction. The digital landscape would also have a ton of branding opportunities for corporate partners such as signage or in-game events and concerts. Another cool integration for a game like Madden (may he rest in peace), would be the ability to go into the virtual stadium and actually watch the game of Madden as if you were a spectator in a virtual stadium watching the virtual game. Mind blown! Ton of opportunity here as you can see from the picture below inspired by Among Us.


A Shark Tank product may have just solved this problem, but I always thought that Cheetos or Cheez Doodles were the best snack, but never wanted to deal with the orange crust that would get on my hands or friend’s couch (sorry about that dude) after eating a bag. So I thought it would be cool to do a custom glove that consumers could redeem (gift with purchase) to protect their hands while they snacked - almost like a snacking glove. Thinking big, those could eventually be custom branded for colleges and sports teams as it evolved.

As you can hopefully see, ideas can be really exciting and take you on a very positive journey. So In closing, please steal these ideas or contact me to collaborate on them. Sharing is caring.


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