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Peace In The Middle East

Fighting and killing over religious differences has been going on for centuries. Are we just supposed to accept the old adage “it is what it is” or challenge to change it?

With that said, I have a very out-of-the box solution to solve the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. There is no possible way things are ever going to change when from birth one side whispers into the ears of their children that the other side is their mortal enemy. It would take a complete digital revolution to overcome the brainwashing that takes place on all sides of a conflict (really any conflict).

So we need something big to break it. Something huge. Something magical. And that is the Disney Corporation. Hear me out.

Let’s transfer ownership of Jerusalem and all the areas of conflict to Disney. They will do what they do and overhaul it to an Epcot Center of the Middle East. Everyone will have their areas represented and instead of war, we have rides. Roller coasters, lazy rivers, water slides, etc.

Now instead of just constantly killing each other, people can come to an oasis in the Middle East to put their differences aside and just be innocent kids again with no preconceived notions about other people without meeting them first.

Come on Bob Iger. You have a few months left to pull off some magic here before heading into your next chapter. Like Walt Disney said “First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare.” I dream for people to stop killing each other. Hopefully you share those values.


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