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Great TV Makes For Great Connection

I love television. It is just so good to get under a blanket on the couch after a long day and get lost in the magic of TV. I used to work at TV Guide and it was so exciting to talk about so called “water cooler moments” on TV. Even though the water cooler was a thing of the past, we were gripped by the drama and the laughs of a great era of television.

Despite all of our differences, television can definitely unite seemingly the most opposite of people. Bill from Iowa likes Jeopardy. So does Rob from New York. Lisa from California loves Real Housewives; so does Hillary from Atlanta. There is just so much commonality and community with TV that breaks down the most hardened barriers.

With so much bingeworthy television on these days, I wanted to share what I think the single best Episode of a television show I have ever seen. And that would be HBO’s The Night Of – Episode 1.

The story follows Nasir Khan, otherwise known as "Naz" - a Pakistani-American college student living in Queens, NY after he steals his dad’s taxi. He wakes up with one of his

female passengers dead and he has no idea what happened. John Turturro has a starring role as a out-of-luck public defender with foot issues who is tasked with defending Naz.

This single episode was so riveting and edge of seat that I couldn’t wait to watch Episode 2. I remember running around telling everyone I knew to watch it before even getting to Episode 2 – which was ironic because episode 2 was very, very slow and I actually fell asleep when watching it. Which is why I am confident saying Episode 1 was one of the best single episodes of television ever made.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this series as a whole or what you think the best single episode of television is?


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